Sion Kim

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Hey everyone head on over instagram to check out my new post @s.visualz! 

Late Posts

Sorry for the late blog posts, school work and photo sessions have got me distracted with keeping up with my posts. 


After all my struggles, I am finally happy to say that I have completed making my first ever portfolio. The amount of planning and photographing that went into this project. I feel very proud of my achievement and to get to where I am right now. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me and photography. 

Someone Please...

Anyone..please send over a warm hot bowl of PHO to my home. 

Work Load

With only a month and half left of school to go, assignments and sessions have been piling up like crazy. The next few weeks I will be prioritizing what edits will come first and last. I will also have to hold off on any future sessions so that I have time to work on my  images/assignments for school. I will be open to reschedule new shoots starting from April.30th

Stylized Wedding

Excited to be planning my very first stylized wedding shoot. A little nervous to be introducing my ideas to people I have never collaborated before. I hopefully gain new future connections to work with later down the road and an image for them to take back home.  

A Good Bowl of Pho

Am I the only one whose go to meal is a good bowl of Pho? After a long day of work, the food that i’m always looking forward to eat is a steaming hot bowl of Pho. Just finished editing 2 portrait sessions and now I am on my way to Miss Saigon to claim my well deserved bowl.


A couple of days ago I had the opportunity of shooting some products for a retail business known as B3 Athleisure. They specialize in a lifestyle clothing concept that offers relaxed yet sophisticated products. We ventured around Galaxy Land , the water park and the fountains to get the images B3 needed for their business. It was great working with the team and getting to know them personally through the session. Keep checking my instagram @s.visualz to see the photos I took of B3 Athleisure’s merchandise. 

Hustle Ambition

This week I have gotten the opportunity to photograph a local brand known as Hustle Ambition. Founded by Jackrit Kho, him and his team made it a mission; to help inspire and motivate everyone to be ambitious and focused with a goal or dream. I will be taking images of 2 models along with a few Hustle Ambition Apparel on Thursday and Friday. Excited to show you guys the final end piece after this week’s shoot. 

Starting Fresh

Hey there the name is Sion! Welcome to my first blog post!

I am new to the world of blogging, my reason for starting one was to showcase a lot of behind the scene images and any recent activities involving photography. I would also feel like it would be fun to show another side of my life that doesn’t just revolve around my career.  I hope to share my thought process that go into my photos for those curious and to meet new people through this new opportunity.